Registration Open – Help! Sharing Good Primary Practice for Remote Learning: Ideas in Modern Languages, 2 + 16 March 2021 (4-6pm GMT)

The onset of the pandemic and the move to remote learning has presented a huge challenge to the teaching community. Language teachers have been concerned to retain the essential interaction between teacher and pupils and to find ways that pupils can be given opportunities to practise and play with language.

We are running two free online sessions to engage primary teachers who are teaching KS1 and KS2. Participants are encouraged to attend both sessions in order to benefit fully from the event.

Registration is free but please book in advance at the following link to be given access to both sessions:


  • Raquel Tola Rego (Spanish Teacher & MFL Consultant. Education manager & academic coordinator of LearnwithBravo
  • Emilie Woodroffe (French teacher and Associate Teacher Manager at Primary Languages Network)
  • Joe Dale (Independent Languages Consultant)

Session 1, 2nd March, 4-6pm GMT

We will share video clips of interactive lessons with pupils, model good practice, present the rationale for the approaches used and facilitate a discussion.

Session 1 Outcomes:

  • You will develop your understanding of what makes effective and enjoyable primary online language learning and how to deliver engaging, interactive lessons
  • You will feel more confident in planning and delivering simple primary language learning activities
  • You will understand how progression of knowledge, skills and understanding can be planned around a theme

Between session task

Between the sessions, you will be asked to try out one of the strategies introduced in the first session and to complete an online survey on the questions and issues that you wish to be covered in session 2.  

Session 2 on 16th March, 4-6pm GMT

This session will be your opportunity to share your own experiences, to raise questions, and to ask for support and advice from our team of speakers.

Session 2 Outcomes:

  • You will feel more confident about your own abilities to deliver good quality primary language lessons
  • You will be part of a community of language practitioners and feel comfortable to express worries, issues as well as triumphs

This event is funded by the AHRC Language Acts and Worldmaking Project, and is organised in partnership between the Digital Modern Languages initiative (Paul Spence, KCL, and Naomi Wells, the IMLR), Hackney Services for Schools (Bernadette Clinton) and the independent languages consultant Joe Dale.

Speaker bios

Raquel Tola Rego

Spanish Teacher & MFL Consultant. Education manager & academic coordinator 


Raquel has over 10 years’ experience teaching Spanish in EYFS, KS1 and KS2 in different London boroughs. She is a member of the Hackney MFL Team, she contributes to all primary CPD sessions and runs twilight lessons for teachers and parents. She has developed strong links with local secondary schools to ensure a smooth transition for her pupils and has been organising and running successful annual trips to Spain for Y5 pupils for the last 4 years. Raquel is the Lead Consultant on the Hackney Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) project, the author of 3 children’s books in Spanish and the Education manager and academic coordinator of 

In Session 1, Raquel will present practical ideas of her remote learning Spanish lessons at Parkwood Primary School in Hackney. Raquel will show clips of her Zoom lessons that include pupils learning from home and pupils in the classroom. And she will share her approach and materials and how these lead to pupils’ progress on the theme “animals” from Y2 to Y5. 

Emilie Woodroffe 

French teacher and Associate Teacher Manager at Primary Languages Network


Emilie is a French primary languages teacher and Associate Teacher Manager for Primary Languages Network. She currently teaches in four schools delivering French from Reception to Year 6. Emilie started as part of the original PLN team of language teachers in 2011 and previously to this from 2007, worked as a French language assistant for Warrington Local Authority. Emilie started her career as a secondary teacher in Manchester. She now supports and runs the team of 25 plus language teachers who work on a weekly basis in over 50 network schools. She delivers CPD on a half termly basis for these teachers, observes all of them annually, is in regular contact with the coordinators and School Leadership Team in the schools where language teachers work and offers individual support where required. Emilie is the voice and face of “C’est Emilie” on the PLN YouTube channel and sound files on the French schemes of work and the French teacher bitesize upskilling modules. During the recent lockdown,Emilie has produced and managed pre-recorded lockdown lessons available to all 600 plus network primary schools.

In Session 1, Emilie will present some lesson ideas and activities that she has implemented in her pre-recorded video lessons which are currently being used in classrooms and at home and shared with a network of 600 schools. Emilie will share clips of activities and games that enable effective and fun learning and ensure progression in language and skills from lesson to lesson.

Joe Dale

Independent Languages Consultant @joedale

Joe Dale is an independent languages consultant from the UK who works with a range of organisations such as Network for Languages, ALL, The British Council, the BBC, Skype, Microsoft and The Guardian. He was host of the TES MFL forum for six years, former SSAT Languages Lead Practitioner, a regular conference speaker and recognised expert on technology and language learning. He has spoken at conferences and run training courses in Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East, the Far East and Australasia.

He was a member of the Ministerial Steering Group on languages for the UK coalition government and advised on the Linguanet Worldwide project for The Language Company. He created ICT activities for the new Institut Français, ALL and Network for Languages Primary French Project Niveau Bleu, Blanc and Rouge courses and was short-listed for a NAACE Impact Award in 2013 too. Joe supported the Erasmus Plus project Conflict to Cooperation with 5 European countries and is currently supporting the Erasmus Plus Project Learning to think and live outside the box. He also worked on the Supporting Schools Reform in Algeria project through the British Council 2019-2020. He was recently described in a Guardian article as an ‘MFL guru’ and ‘the man behind the #mfltwitterati.’


We gratefully acknowledge the advice of Ana Medeiros from the King’s College London Modern Languages Centre, Vicky Gough from the British Council and Inma Alvarez/Mara Fuertes-Gutierrez from the Open University.